Advisory services

We offer a wide range of advisory services including strategic and business planning, operational assessment and enhancement, benefit program and plan development, insurance and reinsurance options, transition assistance, GTM strategies and deployment, market analysis and competitor benchmarking.

We focus on specific industry segments like health systems, health plans, TPA’s, large employers/labor, associations, industry vendors, private equity, and insurance companies.

Customized Solutions

Healthcare is very complex and involves many stakeholders. At BSI we don’t just create specific solutions to navigate this complex industry but to assure your organization’s success within it. Our solutions take your market performance to the next level.

Each solution is customized based on your needs and goals. Whether it’s creating a complete Direct to Employer health plan for a health system, developing a new GTM program for a TPA or broker or finding the perfect acquisition for a private equity firm wanting to expand their healthcare portfolio, BSI has the tools and expertise to make it happen.

Vetted Vendors

Healthcare is the largest industry in the US. While it was slow to adopt technology it is rapidly catching up. There are over 2,000 point solution vendors in the space today and growing. So how can you tell which are the best – who can deliver results? At BSI we know our clients don’t have the time to sort through this quagmire so we do it for you.

We maintain a constant view of the top vendors in the space as well as the new innovators. Then we select the best. We put each vendor through a rigorous vetting process and validate their performance claims. We also review their customer relationships, ROI claims, financial stability, technological expertise, leadership and more. Very few make it through this process but those that do are the best in class.

BSI maintains close relationships with these top vendors and can implement them where they fulfill a clients need. Ask us about these unique partners.

BSI Partners

BSI has spent over twenty years researching and evaluating over 500 healthcare solutions. Throughout this process we have learned a lot and unfortunately know that the clear majority of solutions do not deliver what they promise.

We have identified a very select group of the best in class healthcare companies that we have validated and tested. We have partnered with these organizations so we can deliver specific solutions to our clients based on their needs. This consulting and market research capability allows us to provide solutions faster, with more specificity, thereby assuring the best results. Identified geographically are the categories we have selected vetted, proven partners.

We are continually evaluating new service partners as the industry matures and grows. We will update this space as we add new partners.

BSI unveils comprehensive Direct to Employer program for health systems contact us for complete information.